Make A Statement Of Accomplishment
With Your Place Of Work . . .

This project exemplifies excellence by combining top quality styling and perfect-in-every-way functionality. Viman Nagar is Pune's de-facto elevated growth centre for those looking to make a statement.

Solitaire Business Hub has been crafted with best global methodologies in mind.

Project Overview

The Queen of
Eastern Corridor

Office Spaces Viman Nagar- Solitaire Business Hub

Office Spaces

Introduce Yourself To A
New-Age Way Of Work

A growing company deserves a world-class space that takes into account its aspirations and commitment to the community. SBH provides the workplace experience you have to find the right candidates and drive your enterprise forward, whether you're a startup seeking an industrial space or an actual business trying to channel luxury.

It's a place of work you'll want to return to, with super-wide floorplates, customizability, world-class connectivity, and all-new infrastructural facilities.

Types of Offices


For all types of small-medium enterprises

750 sq. ft.

seats 10-15

Minimum Carpet Area

1241 sq. ft.


For all types of medium-large enterprises

2,000 sq. ft.

seats 25-40

Maximum Carpet Area

3001 sq. ft.


For large organizations and corporations

5,000 sq. ft.

seats 40-100

Office Unit Height

12 Feet

Retail Spaces

High Street Retail That Invites
Aspirations Of An Elevated Lifestyle

SBH's retail development anticipates high foot traffic at the retail showrooms. It provides an excellent opportunity for you to lay the groundwork for your business.

SBH is the embodiment of how a retail space should be, designed for modern-day commercial prerequisites. Solitaire Business Hub, designed with modern amenities and mega facilities, will profit greatly for your company.

Minimum Carpet Area

437 sq. ft.

Maximum Carpet Area

3289 sq. ft.

Office Unit Height

14 Feet

Amenities- Solitaire Business Hub Viman Nagar


Satisfying Modern Business Needs
With Elegant Features

The Solitaire Business Hub in Viman Nagar surpasses all previous efforts. Cutting-edge design is coupled with comfort and performance characteristics in this commercial space, where ergonomics is pivotal to the design and where you can truly have fun at work.

The property is intended for the modern-day office worker who wants more than desks and computer screens in the place where he spent the vast majority of his day.


Reimagine The Way You
Go To Work

Viman Nagar is a workable, habitable, and likeable suburb with a rising influx of young professionals, which has resulted in high-quality malls, residential projects, and business parks in the area.

Viman Nagar continues to remain one of the city's top suburban areas, distinguished by its connectivity and ongoing infrastructure improvements.

Direct Entry from Airport Road and Nagar Road

Close proximity to CBD and IT Hub areas of Pune

Superior connectivity to Koregoan Park, Kalyani Nagar, Bund garden Road, Kharadi, and Magarpatta

Three Minutes from the Airport

Multi-lane Driveways

Close to Business and Luxury Hotels

Solitaire Business Hub Viman Nagar


We create True Masterpiece spaces because we are dedicated to providing the finest to those who strive the best things in life. Our expert knowledge, experience, and optimism combine to create a classic brand that is customer-centric, noteworthy, and forward-thinking.

We are a melting pot of many facets at Solitaire. We are modern, progressive, and creative. Most pertinently, we are an offshoot of the Chordia legacy. With over 30 years of development experience and over 40 completed projects, we have grown to become one of Pune's largest enterprises.

The Projects Solitaire Business Hub Viman nagar Reg. No. P52100006995 has been registered with MahaRERA and is available on the website under registered projects.

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